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The comeback kids (are all right)

A little luck in the book
After getting the crap kicked out of me at the tables on Friday night, I needed a big Sunday in the sportsbook and on Party Poker to rebound. I forgot to post my picks this week, but it’s probably a good thing because the games nearly gave me a heart attack. All 4 of my teams were trailing (3 of them trailing by 12 or more late in the game), so it was a rough morning. Here’s the summary:

Indianapolis (-3) at Buffalo Result: Push (Indianapolis 17 Buffalo 14)
Baltimore (-3) home vs. Seattle Result: Push (Baltimore 44 Seattle 41)
Cincinnati (-3) at San Diego Result: Win (Cincinnati 34 SD 27)
Tennessee (-6.5) at Atlanta Result: Win (Tennessee 38 Atlanta 31)

Indy was down 14-3 in the fourth quarter before Edge and Peyton brought em back, and I needed the two point conversion to get the push. I nearly fell apart when Marvin Harrison (of all people) dropped an easy go route down the sidelines for a TD, but Edge looked great picking up tough yards. And how about Baltimore coming back from a 17 point deficit in the third to pull out the win in OT!!! Baltimore scored 44 points! I had mailed the game in and even put money on Tennessee late in a “desperation bet” to stay even… Anthony Wright throwing for 319 yards, 4 TDs and no picks! ANTHONY WRIGHT! I can’t believe I bet this game… where the hell was Ray Lewis? And Tennessee was down 21 after five minutes, and ended up coming back… (breathing sigh of relief)

After a rough month, it was nice to get back in the win column today. Today’s 2-0-2 performance puts me at 26-18-2 for the season, for a winning percentage of 59%. I’ll take it, but I was lucky today (after being very unlucky last week, so maybe I deserved it in some karmic way). With the money in my “virtual pocket”, I headed off to Party to get back what I lost on Friday.

The bullets hold up: Party session 1
With a renewed dedication to Party, I settled down at a couple $5.10 tables with only a couple minutes wait. It’s baffling why the waiting list is so much longer for the $5.10 tables than for $3.6… servers are cheap, so I don’t see why Party doesn’t spend the 100K to add 5 servers and increase the number of tables. Speaking of servers, after a few minutes, the chat box showed “We are rebooting our servers. Please finish the hand you are playing and wait in the lobby until they are rebooted.” Amazing! I’d never seen this before, and I imagine it ends up costing Party a fair bit of money, since people who log off may not come back for the day, so Party loses a couple hours of rake.

Of course I waited, after checking out what was going on at PokerStars. I see they have added rebuys to their tournaments (ugh), but I guess that was inevitable. PokerStars seems to treat their customers 10 times better than Party, but I’m addicted to Party like its crack, so I guess I’m stuck there (I think the players are stronger at PS). After about 15 minutes Party was fired back up, and I took my seats (at two tables).

Both tables were pretty tight (as usual), but it looked like a couple suckers were throwing away their money, so I did my best to isolate them. Table 1 was pretty uneventful… I played solid, and I ended up winning $62 after 40 minutes. Basically I won 3 medium sized pots:
--The first pot I won was strange, and made me wonder about the players at this table. I’m dealt Aqs in early position, and decide to pump it in hope of isolating the suckers. The two short-stacked suckers call (perfect!), and a solid player in the BB calls. The flop is Q 7 3 rainbow, and I’m licking my chops… but BB leads out, and I fear QQ or Q7, but we’ll see what happens— I just call to see how the hand develops. One of the fish raises (?), and I decide to reraise to try to get BB out. Short stack guy goes all in, and BB calls, and the raising fish 4 bets it! I’m clueless now, but I’m hoping he’s got KQ or something. The turn is a 9, and puts 2 hearts on the board. BB checks to me, I check, and raiser fish bets, BB calls, and I call, still clueless. The river is another 9, and I’m feeling that raiser fish might have filled up… but BB bets (?) and I make the call mostly out of confusion, hoping that raiser fish doesn’t reraise. He just calls, and BB shows Aqo and we split the $170 pot (a $34 win for me). The hand history shows that raiser fish had QTd and short stack had Kjo. Wow.
--I took a $38 pot after my A9 BB caught an Ace on the flop and held up.
--My biggest win of the session ($67) came when I caught my flush on the turn with Ajs. Unfortunately I could only collect $10 after it hit, since the two players in the pot were smart enough not to make the crying call.

Table 2 was even better, offering a $103 win in 40 minutes. Basically this came from two hands:
--I got lucky and caught the 3rd nine on the turn, holding A9o. A $57 win after outdrawing somebody with JJ.
--A big $109 win when my pocket rockets held up in a 5 player pot. I love it when that happens.

After the short 40 minute session, I took my winnings and took a page from Minnesota Fats book—a shower and a shave before coming back to the tables gave me new life, and I sat down ready to go.

Jacks for everyone: Session 2
I sat on the waiting list for a couple minutes, and ended up at 2 typical $5.10 tables—tight, but 1 or 2 loose players donating to the rest of the table.

One of the tables was pretty loose, and I made a terrible play to start things off… this was the first time of the night I was dealt pocket Jacks (more on this later) and I played them terribly:
--JJ in late position, I 3 bet it, hoping to make everybody fold. The flop comes all clubs, T 5 8. I know I should fold (especially on party), but I see my Jack of clubs shouting “put me in coach!” and I call the flop bet along with 3 other players. The turn is another 8, and I have no business being in this pot, but I call the turn bet, and am reraised. One player (smartly) bails, and 3 players see the river for $20. The river is 5s, and I figure someone hit the boat, but everyone checks. Of course somebody has A2 clubs, and the other guy shows AA! Just horrible. A $40 loss, and I’m starting out in the hole.
--I must be on tilt, because I lose $60 with pocket Queens after a guy hits trip sixes on the flop. Just horrible. I grit my teeth and refocus.
--I pull in a $52 win when my A8o holds up after an Ace flops.
--$34 win on three kings day after two kings flop to my AK.
--$47 win when I flop 2 pair with QTs defending my BB. The comeback is on.
--$60 win when I make my set of jacks on the river. JJ finally wins for me.
--$44 win when I fill up on the turn with my KTs
--$54 more when my A9s flops 2 pair, and I’m rollin… (note these hands are not consecutive, but I’m only writing about the interesting ones)
I decide I’ve come back far enough, and will play one more orbit… I muck the junk, but finally get AJ utg for my final hand. 3 players call my preflop raise, and the flop is 9d 2c Jd. Turn is 5h, I bet the whole way, and the river is the Ad. I don’t want to see this diamond, but I take a shot (last hand!) and bet out, and surprisingly, the chaser folds! I leave with a $52 win for a total of $105 on the table.

The second table treated me even better, and most of my winnings ($82) came when I hit my set of tens on the turn in a 4 way pot. I played solidly at this table, with no big mistakes, and was rewarded with a $156 win.

So totals for the day on party:
+$426, 3.3 hours real-time (6.6 actual), 289 total hands
+6.5 BB/hour actual, +13 BB hour (real-time)

Yee haw!

Jack magnet: I was dealt pocket jacks 6 of the 179 hands of the evening session. That’s 3.3% of the hands, where the expected probability is 1/220, or .4%. So my actual post-probability of receiving JJ was 7.3 times the expected value! I’m not going on an action-flop tirade, but this was a little strange. I guess I should be happy about this, but JJ is a tough hand to play! Party is making me work for my Big bets!

Comebacks, winning bets in overtime, and a couple of nice sessions on Party. A great day in gambling.

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