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The Great Blogger Hold 'Em Experiment

Following up on Iggy's idea to have an all-blogger table ("One of these days we'll need to get a private table and have a poker bloggers only game"), I've created my first poll (see right). Boy Genius says he's in. So's that's 3 to start. Who else is in? I nominate Iggy to set up the table (he's got all the hookups and his Blog has been around the longest), but I believe it's pretty easy to set up a private table on Party. I think this table would have -EV, but for the trash-talking rights it would be worth it. Personally I don't want to take on any of my fellow bloggers for high stakes, and because everyone should be able to play, it is probably best to have it be a microlimit game (or small buy in tourney). Place your vote!

Just finished a 2 hour session play 2 $5-10 tables. My poker endurance really sucks. I started getting distracted towards the end, but managed to stay on my "A" game. I can sit in a B&M for 8 hours, but I guess sitting behind the computer screen makes me feel like I'm at work, so I get the itch to run away. Anyway, I fought my way to a $54 win (not enough to cover my stud losses this morning, but hey!) after battling the maniacs. One of these tables was probably the best $5-10 table I'd ever seen, and I ended up pullin in $156 on this table. So what happened on the other?

Unlucky Ladies. Pokertracker says I was dealt QQ 5 times (5 times!), and my total loss for all 5 hands was $151. Ouch. Most of this came when my overpair was overpaired by KK, and I played it hard and lost $60 to some punk with KK. Oh well. The ladies went 1 for 5 and did not help my winnings very much. Wait, it gets better--
I flop my set of queens with 3 players in the pot for 3 bets, and manage to cap it when the flop is Qs 8c Ts. Re-raiser bets the turn, which is 3h, and I raise, and we lose the third guy. I make sure I have the nuts here, and get ready for the river, which is... take a guess? Of course, the 5s. I check and call, and I'm completely shocked when the raiser turns over... A8s! Big surprise. I hate when people reraise on the come and hit their card on the river. It ain't right poker gods, ya hear me! So that was $65 more down the drain.

In sad news, I just took a disheartening surf through RGP. Spam, spam, spam... "Hookers in Vegas," "I want sex," etc. etc. A couple months ago this stuff didn't dominate, but it's getting out of hand. I think I may have learned more from RGP than any book, and there are some great posts in the archives. Sad to see such a great forum for poker knowledge slowly get polluted. It would be cool if someone would create some sort of great posts Archive as a separate site... you could probably just run a script that takes in a list of names of prominent posters (Abdul, Howard L, etc.) and grabs all those threads and weeds out the trash. But I'm not writing the code...

Movie night tonight: gonna see the Farrelly brothers new movie, "Stuck on You". Can't wait to see our boy from Rounders as a siamese twin... hate to miss out on the Party action though. Good luck to everybody out there!

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