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Live by the overcards, die by the pocket pair

Just busted out 3rd in a $30 NL SNG. I was playing well, and catching cards, despite the fact that I'm exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well and it caught up to me today, so my tentative plan to hit Hollywood Park was foiled by tiredness. I took it easy and actually watched "The Simple Life", which was somewhat enjoyable and appalling at the same time. Could they have found more annoying girls? And do people really think Paris Hilton is hot? By the way, please click on the poll to your right... I'm interested to find out how much poker experience exists in the blogger community. Are we ever gonna get that blog game goin???

But back to the tourney... there were 2 or 3 solid players in the game, but the rest were calling stations or weak tight. Here's the summary:
--Second hand in, T40 to see the flop. I fold, but several call. Flop is all spades, 4 5 9. 3 people go all in! I figure somebody's got trips, and somebody's got a set... turn pairs the board with a 9, and the river 7c, and the winner takes down T2500 with quad nines! Ouch. The other guy had KJs, and the third? 88, with one spade. This gave the guy a monster chip lead, and he remained chip leader for the rest of the tournament.
--10 hands in I get Big Slick offsuit (TFG might call this "Walkin back to Houston" like TJ Cloutier... if you don't hit an Ace or a King...) and end up pushing all in when a king flops. Other guy has KQo, and I will be flying first class to Houston... I double up early and can wait it out until the blinds go up.
--I get AQd and raise it up 3x the BB, and the BB calls. I flop the flush and think how I can extract chips from this guy... surprisingly he goes all in, and I can't click call fast enough. 750 more chips, and I'm in great shape.
--I make 5 or 6 steals as the table tightens up, and I'm in second with 1800 chips. Big stack from early has 3000.
--Big Slick offsuit one off the button, I raise it up 500 and this chatterbox who has been talking all day says he's got 77 and finally calls. King comes on the turn, and I was just one jack off from hitting the straight. Like you haven't heard that one before. This puts me up to T3200, giving me the chip lead for the first time all tourney. There are 4 players at this point, and 2 of them are at least decent, so I have to be careful...
--One guy goes out and doubles up the best player at the table, who's only got 1667.
Ok, so here's the big hand. I need your opinions...
Seat 4: ReverendIke (3023)
Seat 8: thepokerguru (1667)
Seat 10: hdouble (3310)

I get pocket tens in the BB. Great. Ike raises 600. I know that he is a little loose, and may be on a steal here. I want him to fold, so I raise it 1200, half my stack, and hope I don't have to mess with this hand post flop. But Ike calls, and the flop is 5c 9s Jc. Would Ike call 900 chips with a small pair? Maybe. But most likely he's got overcards, AK or even AQ, or maybe a suited ace. These are much more likely starters that would be raised... I debate and become the anti-Hellmuth, and push all in. I want him to fold his AK or flush draw, and there's no way he can call unless he's already got me beat. I've got a longshot straight draw and a longshot flush draw giving me a couple more outs... and I think my hand is best at this point. Ike quickly calls, and I can only hope for AK. The turn is old Saddam himself, the Ace of spades. I figure only a river 10 can save me... but no help, and Ike surprises me with AJo. I just didn't put him on AJ, although clearly this is a reasonable hand to have put him on. So he had two overcards and busted me.

Looking back at this play I think it was quite bad. If I had thought about it, I would realize that I had no reason to risk all my chips in what was most likely a coin flip situation. He hadn't shown himself to be a very good player, so rather than flip a coin, I could have used my big stack and steals to build up my chip lead. The Hellmuth approach is correct here-- if you feel you have a skill advantage over several other players at the table, do not risk all your chips in marginal situations. I believe Poker Penguin addressed this a while back.

But I'll blame it on tiredness. What do y'all think?

I'm about to pass out but wanted to encourage people to check out Royal's Poker Blog, passed on by that multi-table freak Iggy. Royal is on a quest to play 10K hands at .50/1 and win 2BB/Hour. Talk about a grind. Or, have a guinness and read about Iggy's journey to the top of the Party multi-table circuit. The only good advice I ever gave Igs was to test the multi table circuit. I don't dare to suggest that the extra stout is not even close to the new bottles with the widgets in them...

My main man Paul got screwed by the Chicago snowstorm. Hopefully that will give him more time to storm the .50/1 Party tables.

The Penguin is ramblin and gamblin up at the $10-20 tables, check out his wild ride. I share TFG's frustration with the web architecture at medium and large sized companies... Tell 'em Scott:
"This whole thing is held together with naught but baling wire, chewing gum, jackasses on support desks doing zippo to resolve your problem, and a swift hard kick in the gonads of the server of your choice."
Amen. It's amazing how much babysitting and manual junk our webmaster (and now me as well sometimes) does every day. Write some code!

Check out Sean's NFL picks... they are good ones.

Last night I found the infamous Daniel Rentzer had commented on one of my posts after I mentioned him as one of the most interesting WPT players:
"Anyways I saw my name on here and read was written about me, and wanted to state that the story is true. I did manage to do what I said I did regarding online poker. However there were many other things besides online poker that led to my success, it all added up to what it did."
If you haven't read Daniel's story, check out his post, "How PokerStars changed my life" to see how a longshot kid got to the final table at the WPT with Gus Hansen.

To sleep perchance to dream... the rub is actually that I'm not playing enough poker. Don't play tired...

Weird PokerTracker Stat of the day:
I have 13,154 hands in PT. 61 of these (this is almost exactly 1/220 hands) are AA. The wierd part: 21 (1/3) of my AA have been received in the blinds. Coincidence? You decide!

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