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Never marry your big pocket pair

After 3 winning sessions, I was due for a loss. Party's hand history isn't working, but I think I ended up down $100 after 100 hands. I played pretty well with the rags I got, but got burned on JJ and QQ when I couldn't muck them even though I knew when I was beat. I really felt the grind-- mucking 90% of your hands isn't much fun. I did win a big pot with rockets... as usual, the only time I got them was on the blinds. What's up with that?

But the loss didn't get me down, because I got a postcard that made my day. The Grubster fought off the flu bug to get to his mailbox, and let me tell you, the Grubster is quite a looker. The postcard shows him in action, check raising some poor sap. I'll forgive him the Andy Warhol stamp, maybe the flu got to his head.

Playoff Picks
The linemakers did a good job this weekend, and I don't like any of the spreads, but I wanted some action. I like my under bet better, but I'm hoping Peyton can pull it out at KC. Me and Peyton were academic All-Americans at the same time (yeah, he was a big shot on a top DI team, and I played DIII, but so what?), so I'm hopin his brain will continue to lead the Colts to victory.

Carolina at St. Louis UNDER 45
Originally I had the Pack at St. Louis, but Dallas stayed home last week so it changes the matchups. The Rams are so tough at home, and Carolina's D will keep the game low scoring. I can see a Ram blowout, 27-10, or a low-scoring battle, but I don't see the total going over 45. I'm keeping an eye on Bulger and Faulk... if these guys come to play, the Rams could win it all.

Indy (+3) at KC
I'm waffling on my original prediction here, after Peyton's masterful play calling last week (he's one of the few QBs that calls his own plays) and the Indy special teams. The Chiefs win by capitalizing on their opponents mistakes, and I think Peyton interceptions or Edge fumbling could lose it for the Colts, but I don't see it happening.

Those are my sportsbook picks. In the other 2 games, I'll stick with my original prediction for Tennessee at NE, with the caveat is that you should never bet against Belichek:
--Titans at Patriots
Ahh the Pats. Belichek is my man, and I'm rooting for New England, but I really think Brady's knee is a lot worse than they are letting on. They'll brace him up, but the tough Tennessee D-line will pressure him all game. The Pats are outclassed by half the teams in the league talentwise, and there are only so many rabbits Belichek can pull out of his hat. However, he does have an extra week to prepare... I'll be rooting for the Pats, but I think the Titans will take this one.

--Green Bay at Philly
Game of the weekend. Favre against McNabb. The Eagles are suspect. They have been consistent all year, but McNabb is the 16th rated QB in the NFL and doesn't have much in the way of receivers to work with. If Favre and Green get rolling, I like the Pack. In a close one, I think the destiny talk continues next week as GB capitalizes on McNabb turnovers.

In sad television, I kept an eye on "Extreme Makeovers" as I was mucking uncontrollably on Party. This has got to be one of the most appalling shows ever. They butcher some poor woman, and then she returns home to her family to reveal the new face. The crying and outbursts of "this is the greatest day of my life!" from all involved really disturbs me. Maybe this is one reason for my poor play... I was dreaming of getting implants...

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