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Not born a ramblin man

Well I'm pressed for time at work today, but I thought I would try something different. I usually like my posts to be relatively well thought-out, and have some overall theme. Today I figured I'd try rambling stream-of-consciousness style and clear my the thought cache" in hopes of allowing more interesting thoughts to fill up my head.

The Wife flew to Vegas this morning, and will be staying at New York, New York for 2 nights. The whole package cost $300. I've trained her to avoid the flashy slots and stick to video poker, where the EV is slightly positive if you play correctly. But the odds are, she'll end up pulling the old lever at "Wheel of Fortune" or another of Grubby's flashy favorites. If she hit's the big one, I'll probably end up living in a poker room somewhere in Europe...

Up $120 last night after 100 hands in $3-6. $50 of this came from a $3-6 table that was down to 3 players... I played 3 hands, and won all three. I took some guys last dollar when a queen hit the river and I paired my AQ for a nice suckout after he flopped a pair of tens (hey, AQ heads up ain't bad). I'm feeling really comfortable at the tables, and I've had several excellent sessions in a row. But because we've had company, I haven't played a session longer than an hour or so. I may make my return to Hollywood Park tonight or tomorrow (I'm free!) to conquer the wild games that drove me to playing Party exclusively. May the poker gods be more kind this time.

I watched the USC-Michigan and LSU-Oklahoma bowl games last week. These were the first college games I had seen all season, and reminded me why I don't watch college ball. Michigan's offense was just horrible, and their QB couldn't even check off the primary receiver to the second option. I really think that the majority of college coaches are very, very bad, especially the offensive coordinators. I think both of these games had teams of equal talent level, but the difference was simply coaching. The Michigan and Oklahoma offenses were stiff and inflexible, and when their opponents forced them to throw, the Mich/Ok QBs looked like they were playing sandlot ball. A successful offense is very systematic-- a good quarterback knows where to look when the primary is covered. Check down to secondary. Then to the third option. Then throw the ball away or run with it. These guys were like deer in headlights.

Peyton Manning on the other hand looked like a wizard. He knew exactly what Shanahan was bringing, and just torched the Bronco D. Read, recognize, and react. Peyton's neurological processing is on a whole different level than say, Quincy Carter.

I was 2-0 on my bets, and 3-1 on my picks. Carolina really came to play, and Dallas didn't. I thought Parcells might pull another rabbit out of his hat, but he didn't have much to work with.

I've taken my NFL bankroll from $100 to $700. Hopefully I can get it up to $1K during the playoffs, and then everyone bets on the super bowl, making it a very easy game to pick (although I got burned last year, I hate Bill Callahan!).

KD down in Texas sent me an email telling me to increase the size of my font (yeah, it was too small) and also pointing out an outstanding blog. Check out TableTango for an up close and personal look with the high rollers at Bellagio, brought to us by Linda, a dealer there. Linda knows how to write, and brings us the antics of Grizzle and the genius of Lederer. Check out her new year's post to see who's better, Damon or Affleck.

Boy Genius is a blogging machine. It took my entire 20 minute lunch break to catch up on his latest round of posts. BG gives some honest advice to women about how to get a man, and does so with untarnished optimism:

"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have a theory. It’s called the “ugly people at the mall” theory. It’s really my way of saying that if a bucktoothed slack-jawed yokel can find an emaciated sunken-eyed roadhouse barmaid to share his life with, then there absolutely positively is someone for me out there too."

I'm not sure if he's serious, but Mean Gene is running for president...

Grubby is back with a great recap of his Vegas trip.

Don't mean to shortchange anyone but it's time for me to get out of this cube... more tomorrow...

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